Kurt, there is a moment... When you say to yourself: 'Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you forever.' Watching you do Blackbird this week... that was the moment for me - about you. You move me, Kurt... and this duet would be just an excuse to spend more time with you. |previously: tomousik| ;
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fearlessly and forever

Operation Smile’s 2014 Smile Gala

 klaine-run-the-world requested: blaine + being a “selfish attention whore”  

Operation Smile’s 2014 Smile Gala (September 19th, 2014) [UHQ]

DarrenCriss: Yes! Did it! And right before @BastilleDan dove into their admittedly better version of “Pompeii” than #Glee. ;) #UnfairAdvantage #iHeartRadio

peytonmcmahon: Well look who I ran into @darrencriss good to meet ya dude!

evetaylorr: Just ran into @DarrenCriss great way to start off the night at @iHeartRadio Music Festival!

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